June 2019

The AI Landlord

"Love this article. Covers everything important in real estate investing right now: AI, Sunbelt/Rustbelt, decreasing percentage of overall SFR ownership, elbow grease. Great article!"

More Good News

"In all fairness, hospitals aren't prepared for all types of mass casualties, but as a Los Angeleno myself -- this one really hits home."

Tinnitus Blues

"As a sufferer of this horrid malady I say THROWN THEM DRUGS DOWN MY THROAT WHEN APPROVED!"

Health, Happiness, and Longevity

"Not nearly enough mentions of robots in this article as I'd like, but still pretty good."

Simply Excellent

"To stand up in front of anyone,let alone many, and share your story -- your pain and joy -- that is admirable. When it is done so beautifully, that is noteworthy."

It Ain’t Just Articles Here

"Can't say everything discussed here is correct, but the fact that it's being discussed at all is what's important right now."

Definitely on the TO READ list

"Read many a great thing about this one. Love anything that reinvents a genre."

Not Surprised but Surprised

"'The Healthy Worker Effect.' Hadn't heard of that before. Glad to know it now."