May 2019

Forget Asimov, This is The Guy

"Just as interesting for what he got wrong about the future as for what he got right. Which is a substantial amount!"

A Great Lesson in Something…

"...just not exactly sure what that is. Interesting Gordian Knot business model nonetheless. "

A Decade of the National

"Yes, I am a MASSIVE fan."

Love the Fact a Screamologist is a Thing

"Also, a pretty fascinating read. Anything that helps humans better understand each other and themselves is always worth a read."

Of Course They Do

"It's when they pay the ransom and don't tell the client, or flat out lie that this is what they did...that's even sicker than the original crime."

Let’s Hope This is True

"Limitless power source that doesn't burn through natural resources and also advances society ever closer to Type I Civilization? In."

Nothing to Fear Here, Folks

"Seriously, I agree that robots will not conquer humanity. Moreover, there is no stopping this coming A.I. train and we should all flock to get on it rather than be frightened by it."

The Numbers are Staggering

"Never heard of either James Charles or Tati Westbrook before this article, but I may be the only one? The sheer volume of views and collateral damage of this online feud are hard to ignore. Gargantuan consumption on YouTube ages 12-18."

Sam Harris Taking Over

"This guy ain't everyone's cup of tea, but he's certainly mine. Pulls no punches, believes in no higher power, writes and speaks it like it is."

Love a Good Origin Story

"It's hard to estimate the true impact of this children's book or the overall impact Geisel had on the world, but we could all probably agree that it was freaking huge. Still is."

A Welcomed Advantage

"And yet another positive example of technology enhancing something rather than taking away. Eager to use myself."

Privacy Cannot Be Talked About Enough

"As Ovid once warned us: "Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence." "

Money Well Spent?

"Certainly a step in the right direction. Can't just throw money at an issue without first understanding how and why there is such an issue at all. That's certainly been missing regarding homelessness, and it's already clear cities like San Fran and LA do not have the necessary resources of health professionals to make a difference right now."

LOVED all three books!

"Doesn't even own a smart phone and spends two hours every day isolated in meditation, but he's still one of the biggest influencers in the world right now. That's a great thing."

Just Learned of this Today

"I have no affiliation with it, not trying to endorse it, but it absolutely exciting to see something like this. "