April 2019

The Four C’s of 21st Century Learning

"Critical Thought. Critical Thinking. Everything to our future."

Oh, I’m Ready!

"Okay, not really ready. How can one really ever be ready for tens of millions of people being displaced and needing new a home in what will be a relatively short span of time?"

Forget about AI?

"No, don't think I will forget about AI thank you very much! Even if your article is compelling and makes valid points. First was told to forget about IoT, now AI. Better idea, forget nothing and learn about everything whenever possible."

Worth the Listen

"An excellent take. Listen for yourself..."

Never Hide, Talk About It!

"Here is someone who went through the crushing weight of personal trauma and wants to talk about it, not only helping others but helping themselves in the process. Many accolades here."

Fascinating Article

"Anything that puts a real conversation about race front and center is a good thing. Even better when that conversation crosses actual geographical boundaries."

The Evolution of Capitalism

"Bigger fan of Axios by the day. Capitalism cannot be allowed to die. There is ZERO room for socialism or any other -ism for that matter. Massage capitalism, evolve capitalism, but no death to capitalism. Put where we are all at in perspective like Axios is doing here. Have the right conversations, not fear and anger. That only leads to authoritarian nonsense. "

Not a Small Number

"In fact, that's a massive drop in sales. As well as a huge indicator of what could be on the docket for food in the form of animal protein. Definitely something to watch closer."

Not at all a Fan

"Co-Living is precursor to communism. Think I'm being overly dramatic and touchy on this one? That's fine, I stand firm in my belief."

The Burnout is Real

"The article is solid and important, but truly astounding is that nearly 1/10th of the GLOBAL population now considers themselves entrepreneurs. "

Kindle Unlimited is Not Everyone’s Friend

"As a self-published author, the reminder of how Faustian the deal is with Amazon is constant. A daily reminder. These authors need support, and they'll never get it from those who should be supporting them the most."

The Vulnerability is Refreshing

"Powerful article. Powerful in the way that someone can change (towards progressiveness) in the face of propaganda. And powerful in the what should be a constant reminder of how frightful violence really is in our society. In our world."

TikTok Taking Over

"Incredible how the platform almost thrives on putting each other down while at the same time celebrating how diverse we are all becoming. I post videos here now in an attempt to spread the social media game around, and yeah, I'm old as dirt on there!"

Hard to Believe it’s Been 20 Years

"More than an historical footnote, this movie changed all our lives. It changed the tempo in Hollywood. It changed marketing, and production budgets, and how important understanding genre (and ultimately a multicultural world) really is."