March 2019

Combat Obscura – New Documentary

"Chilling article. The documentary DEFINITELY now in queue."

Tearing Me Up Inside Too

"As an author who naturally wants to grow his brand and have his book(s) read, it's hard to discredit Facebook. But...as one who prefers on offline life anyway AND who abhors all forms of privacy invasion...it's often a hard line to walk. And the reasons to delete are aplenty."

This Guy

"No seriously, this fucking guy! He is like eight years away from actually being S.R. Hadden from the movie Contact."

Interesting Conundrum

"I agree, do not be duped by politicians buying votes, especially while disparaging technology. But...do hold out some hope that technology will ultimately lead us to a some form of UBI. This is not socialist fallacy - I am indeed a big capitalist. But it will all lead in that direction anyway, so we should plan for it now."

Hell of a Hustler

"And I use the term 'hustler' adoringly. Great admiration for what this kid is pulling off and how social media does have its rays sunshine."

The Three World Orders…

"Great article. Although...a little too China heavy towards end when discussing the rise of the "Asian Century" we are now living in. Then again, China will be the center of it all."

Web 3.0

"Yeah, I'm playing catch up to a decentralized web and what that means too, but apparently blockchain phones are another big step in getting us there. Those with a 'losing keys all the time' problem might want to reconsider."

Almost TOO Good

"If Adam Scott doesn't play this guy in the movie, not sure who does."

Yah, This Computes

"The only real surprise here is that we spend ONLY 13 hours per year on average in queue."

Siri Hustvedt – Guardian Interview

"Seemed appropriate to post this since I just happen to be reading A WOMAN LOOKING AT MEN LOOKING AT WOMEN for my Double Booked Club. Siri Serendipity."