January 2019

Pretty Simple Math on this One…

"More retirees with limited savings + fewer secure job opportunities for the young = Millennial Care-giving"


"There is a new revolution brewing. And this particular revolution will be what mainstreams artificial intelligence. Believe it."

Here, Here!

"Let us NEVER underestimate the importance of our privacy. Digital or otherwise. Privacy is so vital to our humanness that anyone who purposefully treads on said privacy is committing a crime. Not hyperbole. "

Skin Cells Being Turned into Sperm

"It's simple really...you invoke the word "transhumanist" into your article...you have my attention. The perpetuation of the humanity is what matters most. Believe that."

Ah, Yes, the “Gig” Economy

"It's interesting to see that the prediction of this Gig Economy becoming ultra prevalent has not happened, but more interesting? That it is the precursor to the next wave of autonomy. As in, the autonomous "gig" workers are putting in boatloads of hours to make ends meet. The next wave of autonomy (robots) will hopefully redirect our working hours in the complete opposite direction."

Achieving Fusion is Legitimately Important

"As in...it's an essential and a MUCH bigger milestone to advancing humanity than a multitude of other achievements. Solve fusion and a great deal of what ails us becomes easier to solve too."

THIS is currently the most fascinating story in sports…

"And that he plays in the largest media market in the country (and essentially the world) is not to be casually dismissed or forgotten."

Exactly, there is No “Holy Grail” to Mitigate Climate Change

"Oh sure, all vehicles moving forward should be electric, but road vehicles are a VERY small percentage of what matters. Also, what matters most is artificial intelligence taking everything over and helping us fight climate change by any means necessary. So there's that."

Extremely Well Done Article

"I talk enough about guns in my book, so no smarmy comments from this guy either way to be found here. Simply re-posting a great article on the matter of teachers and guns should you care to read."

Yes, Capitalism Has Room for Single-Payer Healthcare

"This capitalist (that would be me) is FULLY in favor of single-payer healthcare. As fast as possible, in all fifty states, however possible. "

Corporate Debt is Clearly the Next Global Foil

"Real estate debt is not the problem this time. The real estate loans made since 2008 have been solid enough this time around. But the IMMENSE borrowing at essentially zero cost that that has commenced in the corporate world over the last ten years? The coming recession is going to expose this vein and bleed hard. A horror movie kind of bloodletting."

The Over-corrected Real Estate Market

"Not everyone has to, or even should be a homeowner. Call it 50-60% of us is around right. But everyone should at least FEEL like home ownership is attainable. Otherwise? The societal ideals erode. And that's when shit starts getting scary. Yeah, it's already getting scary."

To the Surprise of Absolutely No One

""It's not just about data collection. It's about post-purchase monetization of the TV." Think about those words from Vizio's CTO. Really think about them for a moment."

“It Was Impossible to Escape Sex at CES 2019”

"Some cool stuff here, but that line about sex jumps out at me the most. Sex tech is exploding, and will continue to waaaaaay more over the coming years."

Here’s a Pretty but Confusing Chart

"I love when articles say things like "sooner than you might think." Actually, I think it will be even sooner than that. Way sooner."

A Little Too Hard on J.D. Vance or…Not Hard Enough?

"This is a fascinating read. I'm not advocating one way or another on Greenberg's stance, but Vance was just a guy trying to put his own experience in perspective, and he was very successful in doing that."

Yes, Yes, Yes, Bill! Backing Me Up!

"UBI will have its place. Just not yet. And not until technology takes over completely."

I Am As Guilty of This as Anyone

"Solid points made here. The future (much like the present) is not so black and white."

The Financial Samurai Has Something to Say…

"Always appreciate Sam's total candor and good advice. And yes, investment property is worth the headache."

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

"Simply love that concept. The FOURTH Industrial Revolution. Shit...let's win it America!"

What’s Scarier Than Your State Forever on Fire?

"No water left to quench said fires. That's scarier."

Drake Equation is Bullshit?

"Really liked what this guy had to say on the matter..."

$42 Billion Valuation?

"I have a WeWork office space, love it here...but still, no clue what makes this company worth that kind of money. Waaaaaaaaaay overvalued. "

Just Give Maya Rudolph the Damn Emmy Already!

"Can never get enough 'Bubble Bath' Remix"

Lunchtime, Robot. First Round’s On You

"Agreed, and oh, agreed."

Becoming More Important By the Day

"Never going to stop harping on the middle-class problems. Especially love the "United States of Divisions: A Glossary" at the end of this article. One more should be added...Middle-Class Morality. If we start with that, we can really have a conversation about how to re-secure this ever dwindling segment of the populace. A segment that is everything to our identity."