December 2018

The Middle-Class Cataclysm

"I maintain we are still discussing the middle-class problem incorrectly by constantly focusing on wealth distribution, but this article has some exceptional straightforward info in it. There is no U.S.A. without a strong middle-class, and our middle-class is clearly weakening by the day."

Who Doesn’t Love a Good UBI Debate?

"Can't say I agree with Cuban, here. Well, let's amend that. I definitely agree on his views regarding current entitlement programs, but when the robots start taking over the workforce in the coming decades, handled correctly, UBI will become all important. Especially because it will be the middle-class who needs it, not just those below the poverty line."

2008, huh? That was Kind of a Big Year for All of Us

"Of all the indicators in real estate, affordability has to rank number one in importance. Any city, township, etc. below 20% is always ripe for a downturn."

The Next “Fire” is Officially Here

"The number of job openings from 2015 to 2017 requiring "deep learning" increased 35X? Damn right it did."

China is not the Fastest Growing Country…

"India will be the most populous and have the biggest economic explosion over every other country in the coming decades."

Vox Has Done Some Great Work Here…

"Many of us already know the scales are tilted and the medical industry duplicity is staggering...but I put this in the feed because everyone who has insurance really needs to pay attention to their deductibles and co-pays with regards to their HMOs and PPOs. Go to the ER or get a surgery via your HMO in your network and perhaps your bill won't be so bad, but thinking you have a PPO is automatically better for either can cost you a small fortune to be out of network. Know your personal insurance rules top to bottom!"

Get the Neurons Firing!

"Required reading, for, well, EVERYONE."

No Shit

"No one should be surprised by Nature being more important than Nurture, but of course we will continue to be for some time. Still...more articles confirming this please!"

Paganism or just good ‘ol fashioned Humanism?

""The religion of the peasantry." Any self respecting secularist should be happy to wear the moniker PAGAN as a badge of honor. I know I do."

Will Half of Colleges Close in the Next 10 Years?

"Haven't read the book and can't endorse Danny Iny blindly, but he's taking on higher learning, and for that I am already a fan. College isn't just expensive, it's clearly stupidly expensive. Undergrad degrees are especially out of touch with reality when it comes to cost vs. reward."

Thomas Piketty Back in Action

"Is Piketty always right and perfect? Nope. But dammit he's trying. Taking on the massive income inequality spike since 2008 takes solutions, not blame."

But is this doing ENOUGH?

"Nah, none of this sounds right. Data telling coaches how to change their techniques and practices to keep their players safe? Uh huh. How about not bashing bodies into each other in the first place? Either that or the equipment has to evolve to blunt the force entirely. Anything short of that is more kidding ourselves."

Modular Housing: The Ultimate ‘Economy of Scale’

"The housing crisis is VERY real. The solutions have to be too. We're getting there."