Life Lessons

  1. Make your own decisions or they will undoubtedly be made for you
  2. Be respectful of everyone’s time, yes, but never be on anyone else’s timetable except your own
  3. Plan everything. Even if that means planning to be spontaneous
  4. Don’t lament the dunderheads and scissorbills of the world
  5. If you haven’t already, immediately learn to get comfortable with yourself in the quiet spaces
  6. Forgive yourself personal demons or you forever give them permission to weigh you down
  7. There is taking care of people correctly, and then there is everything else
  8. Always — shake out the ghosts 
    Never —chase dragons
  9. Be the anomaly whenever possible. Be the outlier
  10. Kick up the dust not once, not twice. Kick it up daily
  11. Divide before conquering is not a suggestion. It is not a bromide. It is guaranteed victory
  12. The ultimate goal should be to die of old age. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise can f**k right the f**k off
  13. Understand someone’s personal incentive when they are giving you advice
  14. If you choose to be passive rather than active, you better be damn active about all that passivity
  15. Stay hungry, stay humble, and above all else, stay in touch