If this Age of Misinformation we're all living through now has taught us anything, it's that thinking for yourself has become THAT much more important every day. Right, but how are we supposed to do that exactly with all the nonsense noise infiltrating our every waking second? By making like the world's very first truth seeker did and hang ourselves upside down, of course. OF, BY, AND FOR THE HANGED MAN is indeed a memoir equal parts hilarity and vulnerability, but just as important, it is a declaration for navigating our post-truth world. Because as the 21st century deepens, as humanity fails to keep pace with the rapid advancements, and as the institutions designed to protect us end up doing the opposite, any further lost time will come at a significant cost to us all. Good thing for you, Author A.M. Pfeffer has chronicled this journey into an uproarious and riveting blueprint specific to discovering a ‘Hanged Man’ inside each of us. By daring to suspend yourself upside down—by facing your personal paradoxes from an enlightened vantage point—the truths revealed will illuminate a prominent roadmap through these extraordinary times. Don't go it alone out there! A guide stands ready to lead anyone with the fortitude to confront their contradictions through to victory on the other side. Come meet this harbinger of good fortune. Come thrive well into the future. Come experience the incredible power of your own Hanged Man.


Let me preface by informing you that I’m generally not a fan of nonfiction, as it tends to bore me to tears. ‘Of, By, and For the Hanged Man’ never bored me. Not once. In fact, the author does a damn good job at keeping you engaged and delighted throughout. I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion, and I’ve already recommended it to numerous friends. It’s an easy read, and I mean that in the best way.

It was just what I needed right now- and likely what you need too if you’re overwhelmed at the current state of the world. ‘Of, By, and For the Hanged Man’ gave me some hope wrapped in some comedy and profanity (my favorite type of hope). Hope I haven’t been able to access over the last few years. Hope we all desperately need.

Don’t let the title fool you. You do not need to be a man to appreciate this work. I am a millennial female (hopefully a bright and shiny one- as the author so kindly describes us) that also loves Frank Castle (read the book) and has a small understanding of the Fermi Paradox. You may be a middle-aged white male or elderly black female, and I still think you will find something to appreciate in this book. The work never felt out of touch, and although I can’t necessarily relate to some of his anecdotes, Pfeffer authored the book in a way that really allows the reader to connect to his experiences. At times I felt like he was in my head, telling me my own thoughts in my own words, but I also feel a fair amount more educated on various topics after having read it. I only wish there was more about the Fermi Paradox and shark attacks. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Of, By, and For the Hanged Man’ from start to finish. You will too."

- Britt Benson

The author has successfully tapped the spirit and duality of a generation that has been craving a fresh perspective. 'Of, By, And For The Hanged Man' delicately balances a difficult equation of reflection and optimism without asking for forgiveness (or sympathy). While the author’s journey is not uncommon, few (if any) have found the ability to craft a relatable voice that clearly articulates the fears, anxieties and promise that every generation will face in its own way.

Ok. What does this mean? All the fancy book review rhetoric aside, simply, this is just a really great book. You’ll be glad you took this ride. So much so you might want to take it again, share it to friends, make it a book club selection...whatever gets you talking about the important stuff in life.

Lean back. Enjoy. Truly, you’ll be happy you did.

- Jeff R

Evoking the concept of Odin's Hanged Man (later represented as the Twelfth Trump of a Tarot Deck), Pfeffer explores some of today's most widely-discussed topics (e.g., science/religion, gun control, taxation, race, economics, and the reach of government). In doing so, he attempts to arrive at a greater societal truth and promotes the continued exploration for a better human one.

'Of, By, and For The Hanged Man' is an important read in the midst of the current American socio-economic-political environment. One which has the potential of elevating its readers above the miasma that seemingly pervades the country and, especially, its politics. It is a worthy addition to both institutional and personal libraries.

- John S